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We provide a range of features that are exclusive to us as an SMS service provider in Turkey.
One of the most important features is that the text of the message will be in Arabic language or any language you want.
Because we adopt UTF-8 global coding system in sending , saving and archiving options in our servers.

Our service is provided to individuals, companies and advertising agencies with different interfaces for each category that uses our sending system.
Easy-to-use multi-language control panel (Arabic , English , Turkish) enables you to manage your account and follow up on the full reports.
The possibility of adding the numbers of your clients in your account and send individually or collectively with one click and quite easy.
Contact points management system to organize added mobile numbers to facilitate targeting of specific segments at the time of sending.
Our system relies on the automatic number correction option (automatically delete incorrect and repeated mobile numbers).
Every message sent from your account you receive a sending report specific to it to follow up on the status of the message (delivered , has not been delivered).
If the message is not delivered by the number to which it sent for , the message will return to your account and the balance will not be deducted from you.
Collective or multiple sending , you can send in one click no matter how many numbers to which sending is for.
You can sending collectively with the variables option within the message (each message contains the receiver's name or account data).
Complete and comprehensive technical support all the time by us and in Arabic, Turkish and English language to provide all the solutions you need.
The possibility of programmatically linking your account with any mobile application or accounting program for sending without logging in your account via API.
The account is free and has no validity period also the balance does not have any validity period.
The way to charge the balance quite easily with multiple e-payment options (credit card , bank transfer ).
Advertising agencies have their own gateway that enables them to add clients accounts affiliates to them as well as have their own discounts system.
You can use our service through the service’s website or through the mobile application or desktop program.

  • The sender is your company name alt
  • it pays for what is received only alt
  • speed in sending alt
  • the content is in any language you want alt



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