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How we work

How we work

We have collected information on the most important steps followed in your journey with SMS sending system TURKEY SMS.
First , you have to create a new account on the service website.
The account is free and for life , i.e. no fees or validity period for its expiry .
You can register a new account by going to create a new account page.
And enter all the required information , it must be correct to start the activation procedures by the technical support team.
After creating the account, you can log in to your account through the login page.

For the first time , you are required to attach a copy of your data , which includes the account's and the company's information if your account is a company account.
Attach a copy of your licenses and personal data to be verified.
After that your account is activated in case all the data is sent without decrease.
The first thing you have to do is request to activate a new sending address of your own , where this address will be appeared as a sender of the message.
The details of message addresses.
After that you can request to purchase any SMS package through your account and pay to start sending.

Packages and how to buy
SMS sending system allows you options to send messages such as the link of cancellation of receiving messages.
You can send individually or collectively or add groups within your account .
Groups and addresses book
After any sending process has been made , the sending system shows you a report of the sending process that has been made with the number of numbers to which a message has been sent and the number of received and not received numbers , while showing the details of the receiving process ( the receiving time) or ( the reason of not receiving ).
These reports are the one adopted and on the basis of which statistics and accounting are built.
In case of not receiving , the balance will be returned to your account without being deducted from you.
These steps that have been mentioned are a model of how our sending system works and what are the basics that you should begin with from the beginning to the end .

The technical support team in SMS system is available all the time to serve you and provide all forms of technical support for you .

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