Full information about the obligations provided by TURKEYSMS service is available in this section.

It also presents information about legal responsibilities related to SMS sending system and electronic communication , this information is necessary to guarantee your work and continue in it legally , this is a testament to our continuity and uninterrupted service to you.

We summarize to you the most important issues that you should be aware of with regards to our system and the way we work.

Official License

Data Protection

Data Sharing

Personal Data Protection and Information Security

At first , we use a direct communication protection system between your browser and our servers . This communication is a protected communication with the first- class SSL system which is registered in the name of our company as you see next to the name of the website , this encryption system does not allow any third party to obtain any information from your information (such as password, bank card data, your personal data or your company data ).

Turkey SMS SSL

Our sending system also uses its own encryption system , so that your data is encrypted and cannot be accessed to except by you, when you add contact points to your account the system encrypts them so that it does not appear to anybody else as you see in the two images attached (an image from the database for how to save your data in databases) and the other image is the way the number is displayed to service personnel and administrators , the first section is encrypted except for the last 3 numbers are apparent .

Data Sharing

The sharing of participatory processes and the use of data as numbers, addresses and e-mail has been prevented and therefore the TURKEY SMS service guarantees you all the options programmatically to prevent data sharing or leaking by it. We therefore confirm, as mentioned above, that all your data is saved encrypted and can only be accessed to it from your account.

In case your account is stolen or your password is shared with another party, TURKEY SMS service releases its responsibility in this case

Your dealing with an officially licensed company

TURKEY SMS service has an official license in the Turkish Republic registered in both the Chamber of Commerce - The Tax Service - The Communications Authority and all the works and activities it provides are officially and legally licensed this ensures that you are not exposed to any legal accountability in relation to sending messages from your account , this what our license guarantees for you.
Getting official invoices within the service category
(SMS Hizmet Bedeli)
Guarantee the right of refund in case the message does not arrival to the number because we can determine the date and time of receiving with high accuracy,
(hour -time- seconds) receiving of the message and in case of not receiving we guarantee that the balance will return to your account without any discount from you.
We also provide a usage agreement that guarantees your rights and the conditions that must be available to guarantee dealing between us , you can access to the service agreement through your account - the usage agreement that you must sign on it (manually or electronically) and send it to us for free (on our account) by the shipping company.
From the above mentioned about the three sections that guarantee you the protection of your data and not sharing them and guarantee the continuity of the service for you we as a working group , administrators and technicians are keen to provide our best for our service to be complete and comprehensive for all your needs.


You can view the data confidentiality agreement in our system

Data confidentiality

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