international messages

The term ( international messages) means messages that are sent outside the borders of the Turkish Republic.
They include all the numbers that (do not start) with the international code (+90-0090).
Turkey SMS service enables you to SMS message through your account to any country in the world.
But you have to charge your balance with an international account so you can send to any country in the world.
The price of the message varies from one country to another and the arrival time of the international message varies from one country to another as well.
In order to be able to send internationally, you must contact the Technical Support Center of Turkey SMS service to activate your account so that you can send internationally.

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How are international messages calculated ?

The international balance is used outside the Turkish Republic, and it is requested through charging a financial balance —financial value — not a number of messages, because the financial value of sending messages varies from one country to another and the price of the message is fixed no matter how many.


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