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Smart number filtering tool

Smart number filtering tool

As a user of the text message service, the most problem you face is the numbers that are added to your account These numbers must be correct and do not contain a repeat of the number more than once.
The text message system in the TURKEY SMS provider contains duplicate number filtering so that they are deleted When sending, a message can only reach one number, even if the number is more than once in the list.
TURKEY SMS smart number filtering tool
Now a new development and update has been added to the transmission system (smart filtering tool) This tool performs more than one function and task at the same time:
Filtering numbers automatically and very quickly to delete duplicate numbers
- Correct the existing numbers so that they are all written in the same form without commas or additions
- You delete incorrect numbers, landline numbers, or numbers that you do not send a message to
High speed filtering and correction with one click
After the filtering process, the numbers are added to a new group with just a click, regardless of the number
- After the filtering process, you can also send a group message to the numbers with one click
- This tool through which you can import your contacts to your account without the need to upload from an excel file or add a group .. All there is to it is to copy the numbers within the tool and the filtering will be done automatically and at a high speed.
The numbers form in the excel file or any file you have
TURKEY SMS smart number filtering tool

Copies of these numbers in the file have been specified
TURKEY SMS smart number filtering tool

Go to the Smart Filter Manager option and paste the numbers into the rectangle using ctrl + v
TURKEY SMS smart number filtering tool
We note that the tool did the filter and deleted the duplicate and incorrect numbers, leaving only the correct numbers

You can click on the option to add these numbers after filtering to a new group in your account (one click)
TURKEY SMS smart number filtering tool
A new group has been added to your account that contains only the number of valid numbers
To send a message to all of these numbers, it is sufficient for you to click on the option to send a group message Dispatch will be done immediately
Are you going to give it a try? Tell us what you think and your experience :)

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