Package price 75000 SMS within Turkey

Package price 75000 SMS within Turkey

Local SMS Package
SMS 75000

Package of local messages within Turkey for all communication networks
1800 ₺ Full package price
0.024 ₺ Price per message
currency Turkish lire
Message price 0.024
Number of SMS 75000
Code TS75000

Messages package 75000 SMS It is a local SMS package inside Turkey. The price of this package is 1800TL, The price per message is 0.024TL,
Activate the package immediately upon completion of the payment process Package code TS75000

75000 SMS Package price 75000 SMS within Turkey







Return guarantee

15 days

Package 75000 SMS

in Turkey

The term ( local messages) means messages that are sent within the borders of the Turkish Republic , they include the numbers of all officially licensed telecommunications companies in the Turkish Republic.
Turkey SMS service enables you to send a text message through internet to all numbers that start with the international code (+90-0090) without any effect on the mobile receiving the message because Turkey SMS service is costs- paid on the sender of the message.
Turkey SMS service is an SMS sending gateway as a private company officially licensed in the records of the Chamber of Commerce and the Tax and Communications Service.

Activation immediately
Coverage all networks
Money-back guarantee
Package price 75000 SMS within Turkey
  • What are the available payment methods?
  • When will the package be activated?
  • Is there a return guarantee

What are the available payment methods

We offer you a number of payment methods for your purchases and bill payments You can transfer electronically through a Visa or MasterCard
Also, your electronic payment process is equipped with the highest degree of protection and security

When will the package be activated

Your balance will be activated as soon as you complete the payment process using one of the payment methods available on our website.
The balance will be activated automatically and an alert will be sent to you to activate the balance by text messages, e-mail, and alerts for your control panel.

Is there a return guarantee

Certainly, you can request a refund because the text message service provider is TURKEY SMS
A guarantee is offered to return the price of the package you purchased within a 15-day period from the date of purchase.

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