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address book

Address book or groups is the section through which you can organize groups of numbers registered in your account, In order to record the process of archiving, organizing and mass sending, You can access the address book by going to the section: Text messages / Groups and numbers.

address book

If you have a file that contains a set of numbers for your customers, You can add them with one click, whatever the number is for your account and your address book, This is to be able to send a group message with one click. How do I import numbers into my account? - Log in to your account on the service website, then click on the option to retrieve an excel file [The numbers you will include are specific to your account and can only be viewed by you :)] Notice : - The file that you will upload must have the following characteristics: You should open the Excel file in Excel and save it in (CSV Comma Delimited) - The Excel file should contain numbers only .. But if you want to add names to the numbers, you can do that after uploading the file. - The number field must be the first field in the file, Whereas, if the copy is in the English language, it must be field A, but if the version is Arabic, then it must be field A. - The numbers must be arranged under each other in order for the import process to be successful.

address book

You can then upload the Excel file to your account To send one message to all numbers in the group, regardless of the number Refer to groups and numbers And choose the group you want to send a message to Click on the send message icon to be directed For message content writing page and display summary of numbers and options

address book

In case there is a duplicate number, by uploading the Excel file The system will filter and prevent duplicate numbers when importing the file .. This is in the first stage In the second stage, when a message is sent and there is a duplicate number, the service system will automatically prevent the duplication before starting the transmission. In the end, when there is a duplicate of a number within the transmission process, the message will only be received once

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