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Service contract or use agreement: The contract is the agreement between the text message service referred to as TURKEY SMS, And the second party benefiting from this service referred to in the contract as (membership holder - subscriber) The contract stipulates with all its clauses that a set of promises and returns be made between the parties to the contract under the authority of law. All conditions and obligations are in writing and explained to all parties Upon signing (electronic signature - paper signature) on the contract This means that all parties have clearly and explicitly agreed to all the aforementioned provisions, And you will abide by its terms throughout the period of use The contract of agreement consists of two pages and includes 12 paragraphs containing all the provisions related to the use of the account. Terms and conditions followed: It also includes a commitment from us to the second party to provide all forms of technical and technical support Using the text message service without interruption, interruption, or any harm to you, if possible.


By going to the / My Account / Service Agreement Contract, You will notice that there are options for making the agreement, Also, the information mentioned in the agreement contract is your information that you have added to your account


Manual signature: by going to the service agreement contract option through your account and then choosing (view and print the contract), You can choose to print the contract through the printer, sign it, and then send it to it through the same account as a copy.


The electronic signature is sufficient to activate the account in principle, but the original, signed copy must be sent manually within a period of no more than 10 days

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