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Invoices are financial transactions that result after requesting a local or international message balance The text message system records this process and organizes it in an invoice that includes the number of messages and the financial value associated with them Order history, payment status and account information, as well as complete payment information You can review all the required bills in your account by going to the billing department


There is an option next to the unpaid invoice / bill payment / through which you can go to the available payment options. What are the available payment methods? There are payment methods found within the text messaging service Pay by credit card, MasterCard or Visa Pay through a bank transfer to a company account When you click on the payment option, the payment methods will appear for you,


In the event of requesting message balance and recording an invoice in your account before starting the payment process You can cancel the bill by not paying it, and the text message system will cancel it after a specified period But if you made the payment and did not send any message from your account, you can also request the cancellation However, if you pay and send if one message of the balance, we will not be able to cancel the bill or the balance

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